Build Early Support On Your ProduceRun Campaign

This is the most important tip for getting support on your campaign!

Aim for 15 contributions early on—before sending your campaign out to a larger group. Nobody wants to back an empty page but once you hit 15 donations, others will be 74% more likely to jump in than before! It’s best if you hit up your closest friends, family and customers to get some early support on the page, so that future visitors will be more excited about your cause and likely to jump onboard.

Here’s how to do this:

Reach out to your closest friends and family and try to get your campaign up to 15 people.
If you’re running a ProduceRun campaign: Text or instant message your best friends the link. Hit them up and get those most loyal to the idea to jump in right away, and see if they want to bring a friend or two of their own. You can even discount tickets for early-birds to encourage your besties to contribute and get others onboard early.
Making personal phone calls and emails to get to the tipping point. Don’t be shy: explain that their early support will make others more likely to join the run.

Pro-tip: It’s also a good idea to share on your Farm & personal Facebook page (or a Facebook group) where your contributors, their friends and network will see this, getting additional exposure for your effort.
Next step: Blast it out to your entire network, and engage with supporters to drive further support.

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