Consider the environment when considering packaging

Consider the environment when considering packaging

In the United States and around the world, food is changing. Food in the typical sense of the word and food as an industry. We are seeing the soft undercurrent of this change in more than just the rise in farmer’s markets in the United States. In the last 6 years alone, the number of farmers markets in the US doubled to almost 9,000.

Farmers are becoming more abundant and they’re getting smarter at business. It is directly because of this that today, in the middle of Iowa, I can find local, farm fresh food on a Monday night at the grocery store. But there’s one thing that farmers are still holding on to: plastic packaging. One farmer’s market alone can introduce millions of plastic bags into the waste stream in just one year. In fact, one of the most commonly recycled items among Re-APP users is the plastic bag. Consumers, however, are beginning to demand a solution to the plastic bag.

With an increase in plastic bag taxes and bans across the country, consumers are beginning to embrace the reusable bag mainstream. The reusable bag can be seen carting groceries from the supermarket, toting lunches to work, or carrying gym clothes to the recreation center. They’re being used for more than just groceries.

Not only is this advantageous from an environmental standpoint, but this introduces an interesting and novel way for farmers to market their businesses. By purchasing reusable canvas bags with their business information on them, farmers can access more people in several different venues than with the traditional blank plastic or paper bag.

Canvas bags are on the cusp of being considered an inexpensive marketing tool. Depending on a farmers location, reusable canvas with a printed logo on them cost about $5 each to produce. Whether you sell them or give them away, reusable canvas bags are a profit for farmers, consumers, and the environment.

But if canvas bags are unrealistic for your farm, there are other alternatives to the plastic bag that help save our environment and cut down on waste. Wooden boxes or baskets, which are rustic and niche, can be found at several stores or hand made for incredibly cheap. Plastic trays can be requested from several enterprise locations such as hospitals, who are glad to give them away to be reused. Some farmers are putting a deposit on these types of packaging with the hope of customers returning for more produce.

These are a few suggestions to consider when you consider packaging for your farmer. Are there any here that we missed? Please let us know what solutions you use to cut down on waste on your farm in the comments section below. No matter which solution you use, always remember to reduce your carbon footprint, reuse what you must consume, and always recycle with Re-APP.

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