Old With The New: Use Handwritten Cards to Build Consumer Rapport and Prompt Social Sharing!

Hi Farmers,

In December 2014, Bass Farms was doing a delivery of eggs to the Geonetric workplace who have a large fridge in the workplace for it’s staff.

We knew there might be some confusion on who’s dozen is whose’s and wondering if they could take it, This why we decided to add handwritten cards, See below:

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We wanted to see how people would react to handwritten card from the farmer , addressing each consumer so that they know its was there’s, thanking them for their support and also added our social media handles to see if people would be prompted to share with their networks via social media.

This was just a small experiment we tried and these are our learning’s :

We validated our assumption that the buyers would find the process easier when they had their name on the eggs they wanted.

Adding a handwritten gave customers a feeling of actually been cared about which they wouldn’t get from a supermarket.

Validated that Social media handles must be included, it’s free advertising and encourages people to talk about you and your farm with their friends.

This was the farmers first egg run to the Geonetric workplace and sold 4 dozen, the following week 10 dozen were sold.(no advertising was spent)

If you are doing a delivery to a town or workplace, I’d strongly consider a personally address handwritten card or even getting a box of printed cards made to hopefully achieve the results we did from our learning’s or even better.

Tweet us at @producerun with your handwritten cards, we would love to see them.




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