Tips For Successful Online Fundraising!

Get your ProduceRun campaign off to a strong start with these quick and easy tips! Our most successful run’s have used these tricks to rally support, inspire the masses and take their ideas to the next level. Every hour you plan beforehand will pay off later on. Let’s get #running…

1. Polish it up
Description: Make your description clear, inspiring and brief. Get 5 best practices here.

Title: Learn to convince and rally support with just your title. Follow these 3 tips.

Add a photo: Use a photo or video. You’ll be 500% more likely to run.

2. Seed it with early support
Quick, get 6-8 contributors! Having early support makes visitors more likely to chip in. In fact, we call reaching 15 contributors our “magic number” because once you reach this critical mass, visitors become 74% more likely to join.

Social momentum is crucial to getting people onboard! Follow these steps for a strong start.

3. Blast it out
It’s your responsibility to find people to support your idea. Follow these 4 tips!

Finally on the go. Now get ready, get set, run!


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